English Meat Twitters

twitter-logo-english-meatWhat is the point/purpose of Twitter? We’re still trying to work out the value to us as a business – is it in the way we communicate with drivers who are out on the road? Is it in using the service as a way to communicate with our customers? Is it to announce the release of new organic meat boxes?

There is certainly purpose in the community and news aspect and to this end we have simply integrated all blog postings to appear on Twitter as we release them.

If you go to our Twitter site and become a follower you can be notified of all of our blog postings as they are released. Just go to twitter.com/englishmeat and become a follower. We know we’re not quite at the cutting edge of use of Twitter but you won’t find another butcher who has gone this far.

If you have any questions visit our main website – www.englishmeat.co.uk – or call 0845 500 5440.



Rob Laughton is one of the owners of English Meat

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