Boscarnon Farm | Beef

Boscarnon Farm is a great local producer of local beef which we use.

Saving the Bacon

We like to make it easy for you to get good quality English Meat. At times we are approached to see if we sell rarer meats from around the world such as Water Buffalo etc The video link below is one reason we stick to what we know…..

Beef Chart (Cuts Available to buy)

The attached is intended to give customers more information on how to choose their Cut of Beef. The symbols indicate how the particular cuts should be cooked, some can be slow roasted to ensure the moist tender ‘fall off the bone tenderness’. Others can be ‘shown’ to a griddle, chefs pan or hot basted barbeque […]

South Park Gardens Event Great Success

Our English Meat catering was a great success at the South Park Gardens music festival. With over 1000 people joining in the festival on a glorious summer day, we were swamped with customers from midday through to closing time at 8.30. For us it was the perfect event – (largely) sober customers, great weather and […]

English Meat Event in South Park Gardens

English Meat is pleased to announce that our famous chefs are appearing at an outdoor events in South Park Gardens on 4th July. Independence Day cheer for all. Please come along and enjoy our selection of organic burgers and infamous great British banners. Dan and Tracy will be running the event and relieving you of […]

English Meat Twitters

What is the point/purpose of Twitter? We’re still trying to work out the value to us as a business – is it in the way we communicate with drivers who are out on the road? Is it in using the service as a way to communicate with our customers? Is it to announce the release […] – New website launched

We had tired of our old website so have launched our new website amid a frenzy of marketing. In the coming months we will be bring some great features such as online customer areas where you will be able to order your organic meat deliveries and manage payments to us. The new website launch also […]

Roast pork fillet on mustard mash recipe

Roast pork fillet on mustard mash Ingredients For the pork: 2 tbsp olive oil 275g/9¾oz pork fillet salt and freshly ground black pepper For the mash: 1 large baking potato, peeled and cubed 1 splash full fat milk 1 knob unsalted butter 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard salt Method Preheat the oven to 220C/425F/Gas 7. Heat […]