Handmade Sausages

Handmade sausagesEnglish Meat’s handmade sausages¬† are our signature product. This is reflected in the quality of the sausages; these are bangers as they were traditionally made.

Free range sausage meat with an authentic flavour, high meat content and great texture that are great for grilling, roasting, frying and barbecuing.

We are big fans of the British Banger here at English Meats and take great pride in the fact that our sausages are hand made in natural casings from a family run village butcher in Long Melford, Suffolk.

We combine belly pork, shoulder cuts and hock to create our classic banger and use the same simple basis on all our other handmade sausages.To flavour our varying selection of other sausages we add fresh seasonal herbs and where needed subtle spices. Just try the Reed Hall sausage to see the wonderful flavours we incorporate into our bangers.

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