Free Range Beef from English Meat

free range beef English Meat sell a wide variety of cuts of free range beef including rib of beef, sirloin, tenderloin, shank and less fashionable steak cuts such as bavette.

As you would expect we also offer meat on the bone. We deliver all of these to our customers across London.

Our cows are reared on a diet of grazed grass and rolled barley in the summer and root crop, hay and steamed barley in the winter months. All feed where possible is grown on our working farm.

We are of the opinion that meat on the bone is what Mother Nature intended and would always recommend the rib of beef for the fullest and most succulent of flavours.

With all our meats we promote ‘nose to tail’ eating and are selling the more economical cuts such as the bavette or hanging steak.In our opinion pound for pound, cooked correctly these cuts are possibly the most tender and full flavoured meat there is.

Simply email us with your selected cuts, steaks etc and we will send you a pricing –

Please email if you have any specific requests as our village butcher is always keen to both give and receive feedback and where possible oblige to individual requests. We can deliver either fresh or frozen across London on a Saturday directly to your front door.