Free Range Lamb from English Meat

Free range lambEnglish Meat sells a wide variety of cuts of free range lamb including leg of lamb, lamb shank, lamb chops, shank and less fashionable cuts such as neck ring.

As you would expect we offer meat on the bone and both quarter, half and whole butchered lamb. We deliver all of these to our customers across London.

Our milk and grass-fed free range certified lamb is second to none, grazed over large areas in rich clover pastures in the Suffolk countryside. We hang our meat for two weeks, allowing it to mature wonderfully on the bone for a sweet and tender taste that is hard to beat.

We deliver the fresh meat in three sizes of returnable box as laid out below. All our free range lamb is suitable for home freezing but is not wrapped for this purpose.

The lambs are slaughtered, we have the meat hung for two weeks for taste and then we have the meat butchered and boxed every Friday for deliveries on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Quarter of a lamb
    • c. 4lb of lamb Includes one half leg joint,, one shank, six loin and cutlet chops, one half shoulders of lamb, and one neck rings. Optional offal is available
  • Half a lamb
    • c.7 lb of lamb including two half leg joints, two shanks, twelve loin and cutlet chops, two half shoulders of lamb, two neck rings and a single breast flap. Optional offal is available.
  • A whole lamb
    • c.14 lb of lamb including four half leg joints, four shanks, twenty-four loin and cutlet chops, four half shoulders of lamb, four neck rings and two breast flaps. Optional offal is available.

Beautiful, sweet and tender free range lamb delivered direct to you is just one click away. Email us with the order you want  and we will send you a quote and an invoice which you pay through Google Checkout. You will also receive a confirmation email and a request for a preferred delivery time. We’ll also send you a reminder a few days before delivery to confirm delivery arrangements.

We collect our meat on a regular basis from Suffolk on a Friday and we even deliver on a Saturday, in time for a fresh Sunday Roast.

If you require a selection of specific cuts please call or email us and we will send you a specific invoice for your order which you can pay online.

We have designated time slots for different postcodes over the weekend – but contact you to confirm on a suitable time. The first ten orders each week receive a complimentary pack of six of our Reed free range sausages.

We include full storing, cooking and recipe notes with every delivery to customers.